Welcome to Baron Capital Management. You have arrived at the right place if you believe in individual rights and that our individual rights come from a higher power than man or state and thus our individual rights cannot be extinguished by man or state; if you believe in free market capitalism and not the government controlled crony capitalism we suffer from today; if you believe in the Constitution of the United States as it was written and intended and not as it has been twisted, distorted and convoluted in order to justify views that are contrary to our founding principles and laws of nature; if you believe in a much smaller fiscally responsible government that focuses solely upon the highest priorities of the nation such as a strong national defense, if you believe in limited federal rights and all other rights reside with individual states and the people; and if you believe in making money and capital formation and are against confiscatory taxation, then you are welcome to proceed to the our website and to do business with us.

It is with great honor that I dedicate this site and my business to the memory and teachings of Ayn Rand and her epic novel “Atlas Shrugged”.

Baron Benham

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