Jetz is located East of Scottsdale Road on Gold Dust, just South of Shea Blvd. Jetz can be found tucked behind the California Pizza Kitchen, which is visible from Scottsdale Road.

My Special Guest this week is....

Mario Della Casa founder of Jeannie Bottles

Mark your calendar to join us from 6pm - 9pm, Wednesday, January 14, 2004 at Jetz Americana, located at 10050 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85253. See driving instructions at bottom of page or click here for map!

To contact Mario:

Studio: 623-463-6244


Web Site:

Back by popular demand and making his second appearance as my Soiree Special Guest is Mario Della Casa and his Jeannie Bottles.

Second Season Bottle

Mario Della Casa has always been an "I Dream of Jeannie" fan. Ever since he was a kid (like most of us) he dreamed of owning his very own Jeannie Bottle to make his wishes come true.

When Mario created his first Jeannie Bottle he was as happy as a kid in a candy store. It was like having his childhood fantasy come true and he just LOVED it. He also noticed that everyone who came to his home would run to the Bottle screaming "OH MY GOD!!!! THAT'S THE I DREAM OF JEANNIE BOTTLE!!!!"

Seeing how happy it made people Mario decided to begin making "Jeannie Bottles" for others, and as fate would have it today Mario is known throughout the WORLD as "The Genie Man".

Master Baron with Jeannie!

JEANNIE BOTTLES.COM offers for sale beautifully hand painted Brass Jeannie bottles that weigh five pounds! They are the only maker of The Brass (Patented) Jeannie Bottles that are each numbered and specially signed by the artist.

      Blue Djinn Bottle          Evil Sister Reunion Bottle      First Season Bottle

                                   Reunion Bottle                    Original Sister Bottle

  With Barbara Eden      Larry Hagman    Major Nelson er Mario with Jeannie

It is with great pleasure that Mario Della Casa, founder of Jeannie Bottles, will be my Special Guest.

Please plan on joining us to socialize and meet new friends!


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Soiree Information Held weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm. You are welcome to bring friends but please no Stock Brokers, Financial Representatives, Investment Advisors,or Insurance Agents. No host bar.

If you or someone you know would like to be our Special Guest in the future please let us know.

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