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of the famed 70's TV show Shields & Yarnell


  Those of us over 40 will fondly remember "Shields & Yarnell" and their 1977 hit television show Shields & Yarnell. Perhaps one of the most unusual hit television variety shows in history featured the duet of Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell as the "Clinkers".  A robotic couple engaged in everyday life activities that suddenly weren't so everyday.

  Shields & Yarnell have performed on over 400 television shows, in Las Vegas (winning 2 successive Entertainer of the Year awards), on Broadway, with orchestras across the country, and all around the world.

  They accompanied Bob Hope on his landmark visit to China and made numerous guest appearances on television shows.  These included Sonny & Cher, where they rose to fame.  At their height, famous fans such as Jackie Gleason, Milton Berle, George Burns, Jack Lemmon, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Danny Thomas, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, and countless others were tuning in regularly.  In fact, it was even said that Elvis' favorite TV show was Shields & Yarnell. Michael Jackson and his family were fascinated by the show and watched it religiously, with Jackson eventually incorporating Shields & Yarnell's mechanical routines in the Jackson 5 act.  Even Groucho Marx fell in love with the young mime team, inviting them to his house for hours on end, and making a rare trip to see them perform in Vegas.

  In addition to being my Special Guest at this weeks Soirée, Shields & Yarnell will be performing their Reunion Farewell this Thursday evening at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts at 7:30pm.

Purchase tickets online for their show on June 17th

By phone: (800) 225-2277

Bumpy Start  
The youngest of three children, Robert was born and raised in California. Fading, flunking, and bombing in the system were the norm until he discovered he was an artist with a unique perspective on the world. He had an unusual early childhood. He didn't speak at all until he was four years old, flunked the third grade, and stuttered until he was seventeen.
He was picked on and humiliated all the way into high school until he discovered he could go without blinking for an hour and twenty minutes. He then perfected his unique body control and left for Canada to join a traveling circus as “Robbie the Robot”.  Marcel Marceau saw Robert working at the Hollywood Wax Museum and was so impressed with his raw talent he offered Robert a full scholarship at his school in Paris. His apprenticeship was short-lived as he felt the need to develop his own style and pry mime loose from its arty pedestal and put it in the streets.
"Robert Shields is the greatest mime in America."     ---  MARCEL MARCEAU

He chose Union Square, San Francisco as his outdoor stage, and was soon hailed as San Francisco's main tourist attraction, along with the cable cars.  Red Skelton visited Shields in Union Square and said, "There are perhaps 35 great clowns left in the world. Robert Shields may be the best one there is.”

Today's mega performers owe many of their moves to Robert who is credited with inventing the robot which inspired performers such as Michael Jackson and today's breakdancers and poppers.

mime n 1: an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression [syn: mimer , mummer , pantomimer , pantomimist] 2: a performance using gestures and body movements without words [syn: pantomime , dumb show] v : play charades [syn: pantomime]   pantomime - The telling of a    story without words, by means of    bodily movements, gestures, and    facial expressions.
Moving to Sedona in the late 1980's brought forth a rush of creativity. The vivid colors of the natural beauty of the Southwest – glowing red rocks, drenched sunsets, twinkling night skies – found their way into his paint box and designs.  A gifted artist meeting people from all cultures and all walks of life, Sedona also offered a perfect location to base his business, Robert Shields Design.
Robert developed a love for native peoples, their traditions, and their art. His love of story telling moved from the stage – telling stories with movement - to his jewelry, sculptures, and paintings – telling stories with color, form, and symbols.

  Robert Shields Design was founded in 1992.  Based in Sedona, his company currently employs over 40 people among the administrative offices, production and distribution centers and more.

  Robert operates five retail stores located in and around Sedona and services over 1,000 wholesale customers in several venues including individual shops, corporate chains, national parks, vacation resorts, catalog companies, and a home shopping television channel.

  Robert's fountain of creativity and talent matched with a diverse and dedicated staff ensure fresh and exciting products each year for you, their valued customer. Today their online catalog contains several lines including Southwestern and whimsical art - resin collectibles, and jewelry. Metal sculptures, home décor and garden gifts also find their way onto these pages, giving buyers an array of choices and values. When in Sedona, Arizona, shop at one of his four locations.

Robert Shields

Artist, Sculptor, Actor, Dancer, Writer, Designer, Mime, Performer, Retailer, Entrepreneur

To Contact Robert:

Phone: 928-204-2123 Ext. 115
Email: Site:

Lorene Yarnell first honed her physical creativity in the world of dance, taking her first lessons at age four and winning awards and scholarships by the time she was ten. From age 15, her phenomenal talent has landed hundreds of television appearances as well as major stage roles around the world. Discovering through Shields that she had a knack for mime clowning, she joined him in developing such beloved characters as "The Clinkers".  Lorene now makes her home in Norway.

It is with great pleasure that Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell,
will be my Special Guests this week.

  Please plan on joining us to socialize and meet new friends!


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