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World Renowned Ufologist

To contact Jim:
Phone: 602-486-2371
Email: Jim Dilettoso
Site: Village Labs

  When was the last time you saw a UFO or were abducted by beautiful extra-terrestrial aliens?  Well, that's too long!

Making his second appearance as my Soirée Special Guest, Mr. Jim Dilettoso is considered this worlds leading authority on UFO's. This weeks Soirée will be held under darkened conditions in order to welcome and to accommodate a few of Jim's shy extra-terrestrial friends, who I've been promised will be joining us. To help add to the atmosphere, you may wish to wear black and bring your sun glasses and plasma-ray guns!

With Special Tribute to Gort, from the 1951 Science Fiction classic, " The Day the Earth Stood Still!"

Eager to discuss his favorite subject, Jim is one of the best known figures in UFO research. For 23 years he has been recognized as the leading analyst of UFO pictures and video. He has appeared on over 200 TV Broadcasts worldwide including Sightings, Discovery A&E, Disney, MTV, CNN, and every major network in the world. He is recognized by the UFO research community, as well as the media, as the man from the 'real' X-Files or a "Man in Black". His investigations include the famous Billy Meier case in Switzerland, the Lights Over Phoenix, which gained international attention in 1997, and the Crop Circles in Chilbolton, England. Jim also has one of the world's largest collection of UFO photographs totaling over 5000.

  Jim's day jobs include Producer and Director of television and music productions on the very edge of technology. He has been in the center of some of the very best creative and commercially successful projects. Projects and clients range from 10 years with the Moody Blues, to special effects equipment for ‘Lost in Space', and movie colorization, to TRW and NASA. He is considered one of the pioneers of compression technologies, FM music synthesis as well as ATM broadband communications for television and supercomputers.

  Well-recognized for his unique inventive abilities and keen sense in visualizing the technology necessary to meet complex business enterprise needs, often with dramatic creative and economic results, Jim Dilettoso epitomizes the Exotic Researcher. He has over 20 years of experience in designing, assembling and operating supercomputers coupled with telecommunications networks. Jim also designs and produces his own high-definition computer graphics imagery with the tools he has created.  He is accomplished in all facets of audio, video and film production including the production and recording of live concert events and tours.

  Wearing the various hats of architect, inventor, engineer, promoter, producer and performer, Jim has been instrumental in creating innovative systems for the audio and music electronics industries, as well as in perfecting their use on stage and in the studio. This includes the design and integration of the world's first real-time digital music synthesizer for Coupland-Micor and the development of the Sound Sphere concert speaker line. In production he has produced over 1000 concerts, including over 10 years with Journey, Moody Blues and Alice Cooper.

  In the visual realm, Jim was the inventor-developer for American Film Technologies of the first mathematically-based method for automatically colorizing classic black and white movies. Before his breakthrough solution, it had been a frame-by-frame, labor-intensive task, prohibitive in cost with mixed visual results. He improved the process aesthetically and made it economically feasible.

  Since then, Jim, with a highly-competent design engineering team, has pioneered digital graphics – producing TV commercials and serving as the prime computer imaging contractor for the LHX military helicopter simulator program for Garrett (now AlliedSignal) and NASA among other cutting-edge imaging projects. Recently, he has consulted on film effects equipment requirements for Titanic and Lost in Space. Jim has spent 5 years in the development of the Paxton system for on-demand digital video. He is also the developer of the 3DX editing software for Visual Labs of Calgary, Alberta's 3-D Video and Film system.

The organizing co-founder of Village Labs, Inc., Jim Dilettoso has set the stage for his culminating digital media technology effort— deployment of the Virtual Studio Network. A broadband network for the entire digital production community, offering on-line supercomputing, effects and editing, as well as mastering and satellite distribution. This effort is based at the Echostar Satellite up-link facility in Chandler, Arizona.
Jim at the helm at Village Labs

  In the realm of bricks and mortar, Jim has not only worked closely with such architectural design greats as the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, he has hands on experience in the actual construction of high technology centers such as the $30 million JDA Software Center and the $300 million Echostar Satellite Broadcast Center in Gilbert, Arizona.

  Jim makes ongoing guest appearances as an expert analyst of purported UFO film and video footage relative to his investigative work in unraveling the UFO enigma. Internationally respected by serious UFO investigators, Jim has made frequent appearances on Sightings, Unsolved Mysteries, Art Bell, the Discovery and Disney channels, as well as numerous shows on radio and TV.

  An innovator, inventor, deal maker, coach, conductor, musician, director, producer, engineer, and paradox, Jim Dilettoso is a true Renaissance man.

A few of Jim's local (from our galaxy) friends plan to stop by.  They heard the Soirée was out of this world!

Visitors hour for Jim at the hospital.
NEWS UPDATE: A new book called "The Phoenix Lights", authored by Dr. Lynne Kitei, a prominent Phoenix physician,  focuses on the investigation of those strange lights over Phoenix in 1997 and features her many discussions with Jim about the investigation. The Phoenix Lights video will be shown at the Soirée.

  Lately, Jim has been analyzing a  videotape from the Mexican Air Force (Piper Cubs), that shows 11 Orbs of light flying in formation for over 35 minutes. He will show this footage at the Soirée this Wednesday. He will also show the most recent video of crop circles in England and the USA.

And finally, Jim is growing 400 acres of corn and soybeans in Nebraska this summer.  This is a demonstration and field test of his latest technology-Agrisonix, which is a special speaker which transmits  sonic-waves that make plants grow bigger.  Not only is the field circular shaped (for the center pivot irrigation), but the farmers say that the sounds are like a whole flock of birds being chased by a UFO.  Last years crop was almost double in size.

Delve into the fascinating world of UFO's


It is with great pleasure that Jim Dilettoso, World Renowned Ufologist, will be my Special Guest this week.

  Please plan on joining us to socialize and meet new friends!


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